#194- STAMPEDE (1)

I’ve created a monster!

My daughter claims to hate all art and arts& crafts (I think it’s to stick it to mom!) but she couldn’t hold up the charade.  After seeing all the cool projects I worked on with the other kids, she wanted in.

I wanted in too!

I have to say, I enjoyed making the stamps so much, that I decided to create a collection of floral stamps and then use them to make some art prints.  My daughter curiously observed and within minutes, she was creating up a storm too!


My daughter had a birthday to go to today for an 8-year-old boy.  She created a mustache birthday card that was hilarious.

Her all time favorite animal is the platypus.

#194- STAMPEDE (2)

So here is her very cute stamped print of Platy the platypus.

My daughter was now on a roll.  It doesn’t happen often, so I enjoyed the ride.

“I want to make a paper mache platypus!” she declared.  “ Well let’s get busy!” I responded.

#194- STAMPEDE (3)

This thing cracks me up.

We actually made a paper mache platypus.

A sales person knocked on my door.  I went and answered the door hands filled with glue carrying the paper platypus.  I told him ” You must not see this one every day!”

I got a good laugh.

I’m glad my daughter broke her vow to be nothing like her mother.  She’s full of creativity and sometimes she lets me see it.


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