This is one of my weirdest projects yet.  Yesterdays project was a bunch of hand-made floral stamps, today I started making stamps of vases.

My idea is to start trying to create prints from them tomorrow.

As you can see, I have one vase left, so I am going to make this post short in hopes of finishing it tonight.

I have now created over 15 flowers and at least 3 vases.

I hope this crazy idea works for the amount of time I put into making these stamps!

What’s cool to, is the stamps are completely reusable.  They wash off with soap and water, just like a factory-made stamp.  I deliberately made each stamp imperfect and unsymmetrical because I don’t want them to look like I picked them up at a craft store.  I want them to look homespun and natural. I envision the Hungarian floral embroideries.  Full of color and pattern. Maybe simple black and whites too.

Well, wish me luck!

I’ll show my first attempts tomorrow night.


Thanks for joining me on my 365 Day Creativity Journey.


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