Wow.  I’m posting before 11pm.  That never happens these days.  Woo Hoo!

#194- STAMPEDE (1) IMG_1334 #195 - CHILDS PLAY (3) #195 - CHILDS PLAY (5)

So quick summary, I’ve made all these homemade stamps and now I am going to create some prints with them.

The first few prints will be working out how much paint to apply, what colors work well, which do not, and then I seriously need to work on composition.  You know, visual interest, balance, graphic punch.

My motto is usually to create a hundred and find your favorite three, but with the kids home from school and family coming to enjoy our local beaches, I’ll be lucky to make one a day.  This is frustrating, because I’m having a lot of fun with these.  I could play all day!  The clean-up is a bear.  I have over twenty paints out, brushes, brayers, towels, wood blocks, papers; It’s taking over my dining room! It stinks to produce such a small amount a day and then have to clean-up after it. But ya know, I should look at it this way, if I wasn’t doing this creative challenge, I am very sure I wouldn’t be creating squat this week, last week or next week.  So a piece of art a day, in the grand scheme of things, is a lot. I have to say, it’s pretty cool that I am on Day #197 and I want to be doing more not less!  I must be on the right path. Yeah definitely I am!

So, today’s work.

I lightened up the background on today’s piece.  I created a wall paper which I love.  I can remember as a kid getting lost in Matisse’s work because there were patterns on walls, curtains and clothing.  I definitely find myself attracted to art that tends to be more decorative and graphic than traditional or modern.

I’ll keep plugging away each day until my ultimate “style” shines through.  I would love to look back and say “Mary’s Style” and it would be its own clear and concise thing.  Like Matisse’s style or even Bob Ross! I know for me, my style is about color for sure, but everything else seems to waver a bit.  I still don’t have a predominant medium or subject matter that I feel connected to.  Maybe that’s just my Gemini energy constantly forcing me to jump from one thing to another.  It very much feels that way, I have a tough time sticking in any given direction for very long… This challenge is great because I have the freedom to go wherever I want.  If I worked for someone where what I did was constrained, I’d wither… I better figure out how I can work for myself and somehow start to get paid for it! ….Ahh…I’ll worry about that on January 2nd.  When this journey ends….and another begins…


It’s absolutely sweltering (feels about 100 degrees).  I’m throwing in the towel for today.  Actually I throwing that towel in my bag and heading to the beach.

Keep cool everybody!


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