Today I referred back to the first stamped painting I did, for inspiration.  Here was the first painting:

#195 - CHILDS PLAY (1)

Post # 195- Child’s Play

Here are the 4 days of prints that followed.


After trying all sorts of kooky approaches to a hand stamped print, I realized I liked the first day’ s painting the best.  The stampings are subtler, layered and translucent.  Which makes for a softer finished product. There is something sort of moody and old-fashioned about my first try at a stamped print.

I considered these attributes today as I set out to try again.

I first took out my brayer and painted the background in an assortment of lilac and lavender colors.  I kept it light in order for the stamps to show up nice and strong.


Next, I chose the stamps I wanted to use for the day.

Since I knew the background color was a purple-blue, I wanted to use its compliments, yellow and orange.  In actuality I switched the yellow to a yellow-green and enjoyed creating tiger lilies for the orange.

It just seemed balanced to have the vase blue.  The blue sets off the two other colors perfectly.

So, I have one more stamping attempt under my belt.

I am doing all I can not to create more stamps…I’d love to do a bird series.  We’ll see, because my moods change like the wind.  Either I will keep going with this stamp concept, or I will move on for a while and revisit it at a later date.

I adore flowers, so you may have to bear with me, just a little bit more!

We’ll see.


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