#203 - POTTERY BREAK (1)

I had every intention of finishing the painting I abandoned a month ago(the one of the Newport Bridge), but something happened along the way…

You see, I had to drop my kids at camp today.  It just so happens that their camp and my pottery studio were in the same building…one thing led to another, and like a moth to a flame, I was right back in the pottery studio!

I had totally forgot about the 6 handle-less mugs and 4 bud vases I threw at the end of my last pottery session.  They had been bisque fired and were now begging to be glazed.

I literally have NO coffee mugs at home…priorities right?  One needs mugs if one is to drink coffee!

So I settled right in to the old pottery scene.  It’s been a month or so.  I totally miss it!

#203 - POTTERY BREAK (4)

The glaze application is dirty business.  For every color you choose, you have to stir up the glaze for it.  Many of the glazes are stubbornly stuck to the bottoms of the buckets.  And of course, I can’t just pick one color… so twenty colors later, I’ve made quite the mess!

#203 - POTTERY BREAK (9)

This time around, I chose a pearl color with hyacinth pink & fire orange.  Another combination was bright turquoise with black and cappuccino. I also used some light fern green and cornflower blue.  I am such a newbie I really can’t tell you how they will come out.  It’s still a total crapshoot.  Whatever the outcome, I should at least be able to drink coffee out of them!

#203 - POTTERY BREAK (3) #203 - POTTERY BREAK (5) #203 - POTTERY BREAK (6) #203 - POTTERY BREAK (8)

Another bonus of the day, was that my mom was here visiting, so I gave her a bowl I created and she had a blast applying a multitude of glazes.  On the inside of the bowl, my mom applied orange to the dots, dark brown to the stripes and then a whole layer of a runny light fern green color over the entire bowl.  Cross your fingers, for all the work she put in, I sure hope it turns out beautifully!

I’m glad I got to take a little pottery break today.  Tuesdays were always the day where I need not stress over what I was going to do for the day, I could just show up and go with the pottery flow.

I will definitely be returning to the pottery studio when the kids go back to school.  It’s just way too addicting not to!

I will post the finished products in about two weeks. Waiting for the pieces to be fired is always the hardest part!


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