Day #207 – The Block Island Ferry at Sunset

#207- The Block Island Ferry at Sunset (1)

This ferry painting is the third in a series on Block Island, Rhode Island.

#178 - View From Old Harbor Block Island #188- BLOCK ISLAND STAR DEPARTMENT STORE (1) #207- The Block Island Ferry at Sunset (1)

I plan on painting most of the buildings in Old Harbor.

Here is the progression of the ferry over the last three days:

#205- SAIL AWAY ON THE BLOCK ISLAND FERRY (1) #206 - CAROL JEAN -THE BLOCK ISLAND FERRY #207- The Block Island Ferry at Sunset (1)

I wrote quite a bit on the ferry, so if you are interested, check the last three days of posts.

I was wondering if any of you wondered about the background I chose?

Were some of you thinking, why would somebody paint such an over-the-top sky?  It’s almost ridiculous!

Well yeah, it probably does look ridiculous to some, but if you’ve been to Block Island, then you know what dusk looks like on the island.  Here are some of my sunset photos spanning the last decade.  All of them have the same thing in common,

#207- The Block Island Ferry at Sunset (2) #207- The Block Island Ferry at Sunset (3) #207- The Block Island Ferry at Sunset (4) #207- The Block Island Ferry at Sunset (5) #207- The Block Island Ferry at Sunset (6) #207- The Block Island Ferry at Sunset (7) #207- The Block Island Ferry at Sunset (8) #207- The Block Island Ferry at Sunset (9) #207- The Block Island Ferry at Sunset (10)

Pink, blue, & purple.

What’s awesome, is this is a daily occurrence!   A daily phenomena!   A daily miracle!

It’s one of the first things I think of when I think of the island and that’s why I painted it that way.

So, call my backgrounds over-the-top, maybe even strange, but for those of us who have been there, who have seen the sunsets with our own eyes, it makes perfect sense.

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  1. In my humble opinion, no sunset is ever over-the-top. They are amazing shows that are given to us for free, every time with a slightly different take. I’ve never been to Rhode Island, but am ready to defend any sunset, anywhere in the world, so please, go ahead and paint them as much as you like! Great post, this!

  2. This is very beautiful. We were on Block Island last week. It is the first time we took our bikes so that was a new experience. We became really tangled up on them as we rode on some of the small trails through Rodman’s Hollow. Your art is really beautiful. I enjoy watercoloring too. You have inspired me. Kathy
    PS I am pretty sure we arrived on the Carol Jean this year.

  3. No, we’ve walked down the main trail to Rodman’s Hollow so many times so we decided to save time and ride bikes. (Very bumpy riding by the way) The little trails branching out here and there looked tempting so we took one. It was a “one-time” trek into that thick undergrowth. I still have a big bruise on my back from wiping out by getting tangled in the closely growing brush. I’ve read a bit about the glass orbs, but never really looked for one.

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