Is he real (48)b

It all started with my daughter taking some photos of our cat.  She was laughing as she scrolled through them on our camera.  When she scrolled through quickly, it appeared as though the cat was waiting to cross the street.  The cat looked left, looked right, looked left again, then jumped.

I thought “Oh man, we could have some fun with this kids!”

Between yesterday and today, we have made 5 movies.  They keep getting better and better!  I am going to share the one we made today, because by now, the kids really get it.  They understand timing, turning off the camera to manipulate the environment, and how to keep a straight face….well maybe not a straight face.  We laughed pretty hard through this!

Sorry, our media is fairly crude.  It’s mom’s camera taking multi-shutter photos on sports-mode and Movie-Maker, a program my husband put on our PC for us to play with.

I hope you guys get a great laugh….I’m off.  My kids want to make more movies!

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    1. Here’s another idea. You take the photos and each kid in the class comes up with a movement. Air guitar, cartwheel, bowing, going down a slide….and then you create a class film….I guess if you got all the kids to come up with the concept beforehand, then each kid could take turns filming a classmate….I am sure they would LOVE their movie! or even a comic strip of themselves!

  1. The concept is the old flip books with the running figure… I just took 500 still photos with my camera. For students you could print out thumbnails of the photos and they could make comic strips…Google has a free program called “Movie Maker”. I literally dragged the photos from my desktop into the MM program and that was it. VERY low tech. Also, my daughter just presses the scroll button in our picture folder (like a slideshow) and just doing this allows the kids to understand the progression and manipulation of film. They are making there own movies outside right now…as we speak! Of course they have my $700 camera….hold my breathe!

  2. I have to admit, I have fallen way behind in following your posts. I just saw this stop-motion animation and thought it was awesome! It’s incredible that you have been able to still keep up this challenge when just simply viewing your work everyday is so hard. I do plan on catching up, I’ve already compressed a month into this morning so far!

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