#215 - Still Life with Bovine (1)

It’s rainy here in Rhode Island and my sister came for an impromptu visit to go to the beach. Bummer. Not looking like a beach day.

She told me she’d take the kids bowling for a couple of hours and let me paint.

There was one condition, when she got back, I had to be finished.  Not finished with the painting necessarily, but finished for the day, post and all (Like OK Mary this 365 business is getting old…come on already!). I hear ya sister, Doing a 365 isn’t always convenient for everyone around me….”Sorry family, I just need 4-5 hours to myself if you don’t mind!!!”

So I thanked her, looked left, looked right, looked left again….and tried to find something in my periphery that I could paint.

#215 - Still Life with Bovine (4)

This is what I had on hand.

#215 - Still Life with Bovine (5)I opted to do a pencil contour drawing instead of trying my darnest to render the scene.  A contour drawing is a lot looser.  You stare at the subject matter, not your paper and you focus on the contours (outside lines) of all of the subject matter.

Contour drawings are always a little loopier than a concentrated rendering.  Lines overlap, some areas of the drawing are larger and some areas smaller, they can sometimes even look cartoon-like.  It’s your eyes sending a signal to your hand, not your brain applying draftsmanship principles.

So I did this because it’s like going “live”.  There’s no eraser, ruler, or compass to make perfect circles.  No over thinking = faster.  At least in my case.

I got my drawing done and then I decided how I wanted to crop the drawing for interest.  I then taped it down and started to watercolor.  Writing or blogging about my art can sometimes take an hour in itself, so I stopped after 45 minutes, photographed my progress and came over to the computer.

#215 - Still Life with Bovine (2)  It’s still quiet here, no sign of the 4 kids…. I think I will finish blogging right now, and then use whatever few minutes I have left to continue painting….

Thank you little sister for taking all the kids!!!

I owe her one big time!

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#215 - Still Life with Bovine (3)

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