I finished up most of my loose ends, so now I am returning to the concept of Milton Avery’s artistic style. I’ve written quite a few posts on him now, so I’ll spare you, but the gist is I would like to try, try and try again until I can strip my work of all detail and get to its core, minimalism.  It does not come easy to me, which makes it that much more of a challenge!

Today I started a new acrylic landscape and I will keep working on this concept.


I can already see I’ve added too much detail to the bushes on the left.  I will strip that away tomorrow.  I like the sky and sea so far…wish me luck on keeping it simple sweetie!


This was my attempt at flat plains of color last week.  I sort of failed my objective.


I continued tinkering with this painting throughout the day today…but I think it’s time to lock it in my basement…It’s continuing to haunt me!

Third note, no one gave me a good name for yesterday’s painting!

#217 -

I was looking for a good cow pun, but nothing came to me…I will continue to put it out there until I find something!


So that’s where I stand.  I look forward to tomorrows quest.  I wish I had someone to taser me each time I stray off the minimalist path!

Hey with enough practice  I’ll get there…or at the very least, I will have even more respect and appreciation for minimalist art!

Until then… Good night and good riddance!

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