#220 - Block Island Salt Pond (1)

Do you think I flattened my image enough???

This goes back to the last weeks worth of posts.  I’ve been trying to strip my work of all detail in attempt to create a fully minimalist painting (BTW excuse the grainy image.  It has something to do with WordPress not my actual photo).

#220 - Block Island Salt Pond (6)

This is the absolutely gorgeous salt pond I am referencing.  It’s a photo I took on Block Island.

The predominant feature of the image to me, is the dark shadows cast on the water.  I thought of them as black lines.  I love the bottom half of my painting.  I think I captured the sky’s reflection in the water, the jagged shadows, the distance.

I wish I had made the top of the painting softer.  In my head, I saw the grain fields in oranges, but the reds crept in and now it looks as if I deliberately created a rainbow painting!  That was not my intent.  I think I should have used yellows, golden rod and mustard.

I may even try this painting again tomorrow because I really love this image, especially the water.  It is so still and calming.

All in all, I think today’s painting is actually too flat for my personal taste.


I preferred this one, yesterday’s painting, better.

I think I stripped down the subject matter about where I’d want to go, so now I know.  I don’t really like completely flat, I like color variation and slight texture.

Here is the progression:

#220 - Block Island Salt Pond (2)

#220 - Block Island Salt Pond (3)

#220 - Block Island Salt Pond (4)

#220 - Block Island Salt Pond (5)

#220 - Block Island Salt Pond (1)

It reminds me of a 1960’s t-shirt or something.

Hmm, let’s see if I can pull it all together tomorrow!

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