It’s a friend’s birthday today and she’s having her annual porch party.  It’s a great time.  She invites loads of ladies and we sit out on her front porch and sip cocktails and chat like it’s the olden days.

Everyone brings a nibble, I’ll share my favorite in a moment, but I also wanted to bring a thank you/birthday gift.

I found this sweet little basket at a local little thrift shop.  It’s the kind that’s flat on one side so you can hang it on a door.


I tucked two of my handmade pottery vases inside, so on another day she can put some flowers on her windowsill. Then I got busy making a floral arrangement from my garden.

I don’t know about you, but I love to receive flowers.  In fact the recipient and I have a similar vibe.  We like funky, hand-made and vintage things.  She has actually brought me flowers in a cool vintage Scotch container, so hopefully she will like the favor returned.  I have a bottle of wine too, of course!

Now for my appetizer.

My cousin Jen catered my wedding and this was my favorite hors d’oeuvres from the cocktail hour.  Any time you can class up junk food, I’m in!


I took two skinny cucumbers from my garden.  I variegated the skin to give the cucumbers a little interest.


I took old school chicken nuggets, plain, and made them super toasty.  I then tossed the nuggets in my favorite Buffalo sauce.


I cut the cucumbers into 1/2 inch discs and then hollowed them out with the pointy part of a spoon.  Perfect little cups!


Next I filled the cucumbers with blue cheese dressing.


Cut the nuggets into fourths I figured out.  This makes them perfect bite size.


Add the Buffalo chicken to the cucumbers and trust me, you have a delicious bite!

OK.  Now I need to throw on some make-up and find something that isn’t to wrinkled to wear tonight!

Thank you friend of mine for gathering us all together for a fun occasion!

Happy Birthday!

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