I just want it known for the record, I finished this painting at 11:47 pm.  So it was finished technically on the 225th day of my 365 Creativity challenge, but the blogging part will take me a little more time…

OK. This is vase 3 from my windowsill series.  I chose yellow coreopsis or tick seed as I have heard it called.  It’s one of my favorite garden flowers because it attracts gold finches to my yard.


I absolutely adore the top half of this painting.  I love the way the flowers came out, but the vase believe it or not, is even a little to crazy for me.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s that crazy in real life, but I look at the red flower before the yellow flowers which isn’t necessarily a great thing.  Maybe I’ll go over it with more watercolor and darken it a little bit.

So let’s line them up:

IMG_3493 IMG_3513 IMG_3539

They are 9×12 watercolors which I find fun, because they are probably only 2×3 inches in real life, which makes these paintings blow-ups of their images.

I have another busy day with the kids tomorrow – BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING! You know, the day you get to pick out your new book bag, lunchbox and Trapper Keeper <— wait, that just probably dated me!  But no matter what generation you are from, it’s always exciting to get new things and get ready to go back to school.

It’s time.  I can feel it in the air!

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