#228 - SWEET DAISIES (1)

My kids were off to the county fair with their grandparents today.

With the extra little bit of time, I created this 9×12 daisy painting, but I also went back and added the shadows & detail to the 4 other flower paintings in this series.  So now I am all caught up!  I even got to photograph my work during daylight hours so that the colors are true.  Woo Hoo!  I just love a day when I feel like I’ve made a little headway.

#228 - SWEET DAISIES (6) #228 - SWEET DAISIES (3) #228 - SWEET DAISIES (2) #228 - SWEET DAISIES (5) #228 - SWEET DAISIES (1)

#228 - SWEET DAISIES (4)

It was sad to find that all of my daisies in the garden are officially gone.  Just last week I picked a bouquet, not realizing it was the last, until next year.  The bittersweet chill is in the air.  Summer is winding down.  In the photo up above was the only remnant of a daisy I could find. I pretty much had to improvise for this painting.

It’s also the only painting in the series that has a background. I knew I had to come up with something to communicate a white flower, yet I still wanted it to tie in with the other paintings. I think it was a happy middle ground.  I love the different personalities of each of the vases.  It gives each still life its own character.  I’m loving them as a group.

I have a few more in me, I have to make my windowsill series complete!

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