#229- RED RED ROSES (1)

Another horrible photo taken at night.  I will have to retake it in the morning.

This is painting #6 in my windowsill series.  Red roses from the bushes my father bought me for my birthday.

There ya go.

Instead of asking for roses, ask for rose bushes!  This way you get dozens and dozens for years to come.

Best gift ever.

I’m keeping it short. Here is the progression:

#229- RED RED ROSES (2) #229- RED RED ROSES (3)

Here is the series:

#228 - SWEET DAISIES (6) #228 - SWEET DAISIES (3) #228 - SWEET DAISIES (2) #228 - SWEET DAISIES (5) #229- RED RED ROSES (1)

Ok. Off to bed.  I’ll start all over in the morning!


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