Today we dropped the kids off to their grandparents.  This is what we found in my son’s suitcase:

2013-08-18 11.48.50-1

I’m telling you, living with this kid is like having your own comedy show 24/7!

2013-08-18 14.18.16

We met my in-laws at a special little performance for the deaf in New London, CT.

 2013-08-18 13.09.40

My mother-in-law is a sign language interpreter and is always tuning us in to the deaf culture.  Thank you Janet, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know much at all.  It’s awesome to watch her fully communicate with the deaf.  It’s like being in a foreign country where everyone is speaking around you, yet you have no idea what they are saying.  Yet with an interpreter, she both signs and speaks, so we get in on the conversation. Of course, it’s always the other way around, they are the minority in a sea of the hearing. It’s cool when you can gain insight into how that feels.  The performance was geared towards children.  It taught sign language through an interpreter, but really, it was quite simply a wonderful little show for families.  The young actors were so gifted in facial animation that just the simplest gesture conjured up an entire plot.  They did famous fables such as ” No one believes a liar even when they are telling the truth”, 2013-08-18 13.19.45“Look before you leap”, “Slow and steady wins the race” and “too much of anything can leave one with a feeling of regret”.  It was very creative and informative .  We all had fun using the sign for “applause” which is sort of like waving your hands in the air while twinkling your fingers.

2013-08-18 14.18.08I haven’t ever really done much in New London, CT.  You can tell they are trying to revive the old town center through the arts.  There were cute restaurants, art galleries and theatre attractions.  All a great formula for attracting tourists, like me!

So the point of sharing my little outing, is that we didn’t get home until quite late.

I only started my art for today around 5:30.  I picked my flowers, sketched with pencil, and began to watercolor.  It’s kind of funny, but if you look at the sketch closely, you can see where I added the letters “G” everywhere.  It’s my own kind of paint-by-numbers technique.  I had letter “Y”s in there too.  I lightly code my drawing so I don’t make the mistake of painting a petal where a leaf should be and vise versa.  G= green and Y= yellow.  I’m a dork, I know, but I have made this mistake so many times, So I’ll stick to what works for me!

This will be painting #7 in my windowsill series.  I’m already thinking of some fun and funky framing ideas.  They are quite traditional, but they won’t be when I’m done with them!

So, tomorrow I wake up to a quite house.  I will make up for not finishing today’s painting as well as create a few more bud vases in the next day or so.  I have in my head a sweet little kitchen nook with all my favorite garden flowers…might as well plug along before everything in my garden is toast!

So as always, I shall see you tomorrow!


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