I have to say, it was nice.  I slept in this morning.  I woke up to my cat licking my face.

It was so quiet.  No kids.

I had so many things I wanted to get done, I almost became immobile.  But alas, I rose, I went outside, picked tomatoes from my garden, got peaceful, sipped a cup of coffee, and got going.#231- Black-eyed suzans  (5)

First things first, besides the mountains of laundry, my bills have been neglected too!  I sat down opened, sorted, paid.  It felt good to cross them off the list.

Next I went outside to assess my future project for this week:

#231- Black-eyed suzans  (2) #231- Black-eyed suzans  (3) #231- Black-eyed suzans  (4)

My husband built us the coolest outdoor shower last summer.  However, due to my 365 creativity challenge, the shower and weeding have gone neglected.  I am going to incorporate my outdoor shower into my 365 challenge and funk-it-up!  I want people to open the door and not expect to see such a fun and wild space, well actually “people” mainly being my family.  I love my outdoor shower.  It is so fun to use, It needs some love!    So I came up with my ideas – top-secret! Went to the store to buy paint and supplies and will tackle this project little by little, throughout the week.

#231- black-eyed suzans 6

Next, I cut, arranged and sketched my dahlias.  I was afraid the petals would fall off by tomorrow.  I worked on that for a little bit and then I moved on to finishing my black-eyed Susan painting.

IMG_3616 IMG_3627 IMG_3668

Another bud vase from my windowsill completed.  I am trying feverishly to paint these little studies as fast as possible.  Everything in my garden is beginning to wither.  I have a plan for two more after the dahlias, and then I should feel as if they are complete.

Now, the next thing on my list is to have a gorgeous dinner with my husband.  He is making me this red wine & black olive risotto I love and then the final thing on my list that I’d like to get accomplished, is to take a hot bubble bath.  I have been finishing my art so late at night, I haven’t had time for that simple indulgence.

I played hard today.  It feels good.  Now I’m ready to relax!

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