Orange Day Lilies.  Everybody has them.  Actually, mine are long gone.  They stopped blooming a month ago.  I kindly texted my neighbor this morning asking if I could swipe some of theirs.  You know, I didn’t want to get caught swiping their day lilies traipsing through their front yard in my night-gown.  They said yes.  Not the first time.  Thank you neighbors!


I sketched and painted without any real trials or tribulations…

#232 - pink dahlias (1) #233 - ORANGE DAYLILY (2)

I darkened the dahlias on the other hand and it was a complete mess!  Something about the grainy texture of the pink paints when dried and bad paper.  I thought I could get away with this paper that I knew I didn’t like, but I couldn’t.  As I tried to lift the pink paint off the watercolor in some areas, the paper got all pilly.  Which means when you add another layer of watercolor, the new paint sticks to the pills in the paper.

I learned from this painting, but now it’s time to put it aside and try it all over again.  I learned with these dahlias that if I am going to watercolor, not to layer.  I will try it again with the wet on wet technique.  Pretty much lay each section down, highlights, shadows all in one fell swoop.  That is what I did today with the day lilies.  It really keeps the painting looking translucent.


Next. I re-sketched the Coreopsis painting.  Reason?  I didn’t like how the red flower on the bud vase overpowered the daintiness of the actual flowers.  Lesson learned.  I want to do it over.


As for my outdoor shower that I am decorating, I had to weed the pathway to it so I can do something cute on the slate stepping-stones.  Because I’m always painting until the last-minute of the day, my yard is a mess!  Weeding is done.  Ready to paint stones….


The ugly bench.

I found this on the side of the road.  All it needed was a bolt on one of the arms and it’s good as new…Ok not good as new, but I did scrape off all the cracking paint and now I am ready to give it a new coat and stick it in my outdoor shower.  I can’t believe how perfect the size is for my shower. YES!

You know what they say, “One mans trash is another man’s treasure.”

Hmm. It seems I’m always the one picking up the trash but never the one throwing it away…

Think that’s a problem?  I THINK NOT!

I like the price –free!

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