Tomorrow’s the day  – Definitely!

I’m finished painting the walls.  I finished my vintage inspired sign, painted the bench, and painted the accessories.  Now I’m finishing the small touches for my outdoor shower reveal.


Down to the stepping stones on the ground!

I hand-painted six flip-flops on the way to the shower and I created three crab motifs for the stones inside the shower. It’s beginning to look beachy. Speaking of which:


Do you know what this is?

 My mother-in-law saw this at Ikea and swore I had to have it!  It is supposed to help at the end of a beach day.  I’ll show you tomorrow!

If you have been following, my kids were away and now they are back.   Bye-bye Be-Creative-Mary, Hello Be-Creative-Mommy.  When my daughter is home, there is not a silent moment.  She is like a hummingbird asking to do this, try that, create this….For any one thing I would like to do for myself, I have to promise to help her with her dreams and expectations.


So on the daughter-front, I went on a wild scavenger hunt through three different beaches looking for sea-life remnants.  My daughter was assigned a project the last day of school, for this year’s first day of school.  A presentation and report.  Was that to freak out the kids or the mom???  If it were me, I would have finished the project my first week of summer vacation, but my daughter has my husband’s last-minute-gene.  Gives me a heart attack!  We found most of the wild life and she finished a report on the Block Island Great Salt Pond Committee.  They work with the nature conservancy.

If that wasn’t enough, my daughter then begged me to create a special present for her grandmother, aka. GJ.  GJ asked my daughter if she could make a special bag for her crochet needles, similar to one my daughter made for my paintbrushes.


I have to say, I use my paintbrush holder everyday.  It’s perfect.  I was teaching my daughter how to sew straight lines with this project. For mine, we used a pillow case.


It just so happens, I had bought these two place mats on clearance years ago, thinking I’d make a pillow with them…never happened.  I dusted them off and thought, boy these will make a perfect crochet needle holder.  I left one place mat flat and folded the other place mat in half width-wise.  I then stuck the flat place mat inside the halved-place mat.  I put masking tape and electrical tape where the needles would go.  Any area without tape is where she would sew a line.  GJ wanted three different width sections for different needles and scissors.


My daughter is getting sewing basics down pat.  She knows to lower the presser foot, hold the thread for the first stitch, go forward 3 stitches, back 3 stitches, forward….sew in straight lines, feed the fabric through…back stitch when at the end, raise needle, raise presser foot, cut and release the thread…all the things my mom taught me.  I want to say I was 13-14 yrs. old though, not nine!


She got it done and then had to sew the outsides because they were too thick to fit in the sewing machine.  The top of the flat place mat folds over to keep the needles in.


The other side of the folded place mat becomes a large pocket for other materials.  My daughter is currently going through my vintage button collection, searching for the perfect buttons for grandma’s case.  It is so cool when a child can make something functional.  They don’t just get a pat on the head, they see the person actually using it which shows them the value.  It’s not always easy to stop what you are doing, lug the sewing machine out and keep patient while someone learns a fairly complex skill.  But, if you get yourself to that point, it is well worth it.  I could see the pride in her accomplishment.

So that’s it for yet another day.

My husband is boiling down about a hundred tomatoes from our garden to create a fresh basil sauce we will freeze and enjoy in the dead of winter as well as making me my favorite: fried eggplant from the garden.  It’s going to be a good night I tell ya.  Good eats!

I look forward to tomorrow.

We are heading out for what is most likely to be one of our final beach days of the summer and when we get home, we get to enjoy our OUTDOOR SHOWER!!!

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