I know you must think I’m crazy.  Really is there any difference between these two?

#228 - SWEET DAISIES (2) IMG_4048

To tell you the truth, I can’t even tell you which one I like better.  All I know, is every time I walked by the original painting on the left, the red flower on the vase bothered me.   I felt like it overpowered the flowers.  I wanted to try it again and make the flower on the bud vase a little smaller and less “red”.

Was it worth another whole painting?  Not sure, but I scratched the itch.  I can put it to rest.   Now I can pull them out a couple of months from now and decide which one to add to my windowsill series.

I am aiming for twelve florals inspired by the bud vases I made in pottery class.


Come January these paintings will pep me up.

Here is the progression thus far:

#228 - SWEET DAISIES (6) #228 - SWEET DAISIES (3) #228 - SWEET DAISIES (5) #228 - SWEET DAISIES (1) IMG_3668 #233 - ORANGE DAYLILY (1) #234 - SHOWER PROGRESS (1) IMG_3779 #238 - DAHLIA REDO #239 - COREOPSIS REDO

The watercolors are 9×12″ but I think I am going to get 2×3″ tiny prints made.  I would love to have a mismatched colorful variety of mini-frames filled with the bounty from my gardens.

That would make me happy.

I am going to re-do the butterfly bush tomorrow and then I want to do two more.  My girlfriend mentioned a sunflower which is a good idea.  I definitely grow sunflowers in my garden.  Then I will need one more.  Any ideas?  It has to be a common enough flower that you’d find it in most gardens.  Maybe, Gaillardia; It is my favorite. However, if you are reading this and there is something as common as a daisy that I’m simply forgetting, would ya point it out?  Thanks!

OK.  That wraps up today.  I should be done with these by the end of the week and then I want to get more experimental next week when the kids go back to school.

Oh so many things to try…not enough days in a year!

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