Are you noticing a trend for this week?  The RE-DO.

Sometimes when you try something for the first time, you would like to give it a second try. This way you can apply some of the things you learned from that first attempt.

IMG_3779 #240 - BUTTERFLY BUSH RE_DO - Copy

I think I’d have to RE-DO this painting 3 more times before I got somewhere. I keep finding it difficult to create an interesting composition for these flowers.  They are very vertical on a vertical page.  I really like the two lighter colored blossoms on the left.  That is what I wanted to try to capture in a new painting. I was a little heavy-handed with the new painting and they came out darker than I wanted.

Either way, I ‘m ready to live with this one and move on to another.  I stopped at a flower stand on my way home today and picked up some beauties.

We’ll see what I choose in the morning!

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