#241 - SUNFLOWER (1)

I’m almost there.  This is #11 in a series of twelve garden flowers.

There is nothing more visually stunning than yellow and black.  They vibrate off each other.

I love that sunflowers command attention.  My eyes are instantly drawn to them.

They are bold, fruitful, and gosh darn it, they are sunny.

#241 - SUNFLOWER (2)

Yesterday I stopped in at this little farm stand.  I had driven by it probably three times this week, practically driving off the road when I saw the gorgeous flowers.  Not only did they have buckets and buckets of maybe 5 different varieties of sunflowers, but they had dahlias as well. Check these out:

#241 - SUNFLOWER (4) #241 - SUNFLOWER (5) #241 - SUNFLOWER (6)

Can you now understand why I almost went off the road?  These flowers are stunning!

So of course like most good farm stands, it was out in the middle of no where.  How much money do I carry on my person?  none.  I never have a penny because when I do I spend it.  Thus the reason I keep my wallet empty.

So as I mentioned, I drove by this spot at least three times.  Each time wanting this bouquet so bad; wishing I had enough coins under my car seat to warrant pulling over…  I finally broke down.  I turned around and drove back into town, stopped at the ATM, then went into the bank to make change, got back into the car, drove back out into the middle of nowhere and purchased these beauties.

I just wish they never died.  I guess that is why artists gravitate towards them.  First of all for their color, but secondly, they live for such a short time that by painting them, one hopes to prolong their life; their beauty.

I could sit and stare, and probe, and analyze, and observe…all the live long day.  I find flowers fascinating.  Each petal is different yet magnificently in order.  A great order.  Something so divine and larger than ourselves that has nothing to do with humans in any way.  We are simply the observers.

I get overwhelmed with thoughts.  How can there be such divine order, such beauty and at the same time chaos, evil doing, disorder.  How?  How can there live both simultaneously?

I sit in my sunny little spot fawning over flowers, while at the same time listening to nation after nation debate whether their people have an “appetite” for another war.  Of course we don’t.  Especially when we can’t see a true reason for the past wars. It sucks. But how can you turn a blind eye?  The cries for help are overwhelming.

I get lost in these thoughts.  I just can’t comprehend.  Order – Disorder.  why? … why? … why?

I never find the answer.


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