#242 - HALF WAY THERE (1)

Here’s half a geranium painting!

I sketched it out, I painted all the petals and then… I ran out of time!

#242 - HALF WAY THERE (2)

You see, I really, REALLY had to clean my house for the seven guests I’m having this weekend.  Let’s just say, I’ve been painting more than picking up cat hair.

This weekend to all of us “New Englandahs” marks the beginning of the end.  After Labor Day the air begins to cool, the mornings and evenings require jackets…and we slowly unearth our winter clothes.  I have two different sets of guests coming to frolic at the beaches, BBQ and finish up the last of my garden mint for mojitos.

The last Hoorah.

It will be a difficult weekend for my creative 365, but if I can get through it, the promise of school starting next week hints of a routine coming.

I look forward to celebrating the end of summer with some of my best buds.

Wish me luck.

I will finish the geranium tomorrow, but what lies ahead for Sunday and Monday…I do not know!

Happy Labor Day Everybody!

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