Mission Complete.

I finally finished the final bud vase painting out of a series of 12.  The premise was to incorporate my vases I made in pottery class with some of my favorite blossoms from my summer garden.

The colors are so happy.

I’d say my favorites are the sunflower, day lilies and geraniums.

I completed the geranium painting today.


I LOVE red against emerald-green.  My sister observed the fact that I didn’t exactly draw the vase as I saw it.

#242 - HALF WAY THERE (2)

This is correct.

The fun Moroccan print was on a little bowl I made, but I wanted to incorporate it.  So I drew an imaginary vase but then added the desired pattern.  I did this on quite a few of the budvases.  Being the artist, it’s way too fun to tweak the shape and color to your liking.  I just couldn’t resist.  Otherwise I’d might as well had taken photos of my flowers right?

I made it through a fun-filled day with my family.  I have loads of photos and so much to tell, but I’m about to fall over with exhaustion.  I’m throwing in the towel and will hope for a little more energy tomorrow.

Jeez, I don’t have a clue what I am going to do tomorrow!

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