Only for a Creative 365 would I set my alarm clock for 6am on Labor Day Weekend!

I knew I needed to wake up before all the kids in my house or I wouldn’t be able to form a thought!  We have house guests and I don’t want to spend their entire visit tied to a canvas either. So I got up nice and early, sat down and played with my watercolors.  The past two weeks have been a little traditional and regimented, so today I wanted to simply play.  I swirled colors around, played with water, patterns and freeform shapes.  I felt like I needed to loosen up a little. Take a breather…This is what came out.  It’s 18×24 inches watercolor on 140lb cold press paper.

Friday I was talking about how busy my weekend was going to be. We were going to get out there early, hit the beach and enjoy the last warm days of summer….

Ahhhh. That sounds wonderful right?

Remind me next time to check the weather report!

My poor guests have been stuck in RI without any semblance of beach weather to speak of!

Uh-Oh….this means we had to get creative…

Saturday I took my Sister, niece and nephew to Black Point with my crew.  Black Point is a nature walk along the ocean in Narragansett RI.  Click here for details.  I love to go there because the landscape is so unique and a blast for children because the rocks are like a never-ending playground.





Next we all went out to lunch at The Ocean Mist.



This beach bar is practically falling into the ocean!  I love this dive.  The kids play outside on the beach while Mom and Auntie enjoy a mudslide.  Who needs sun when there are mudslides?

All in all, no sun but a great day with loads of laughs.

Now today, Sunday, my husband opted for a smoked-meat fest.


The invitation read as follows:  Come sit in a lawn chair in our driveway, drink beers and watch the smoker cook for 10 hours…

The idea was to bring it back to when we were kids and our parents would hang out, drink beers and let the kids run around like crazy animals. Sounds like a great premise for a modern-day party right?  It’s a shame we don’t sit in lawn chairs in the driveway more often! Things have gotten way too fancy.

Again, we weren’t expecting rain, but we plugged along regardless.  My husband’s BFF introduced us all to a game I had never heard of before called KOOB. It is apparently an old Swedish Viking game where you sort of bowl with sticks and cubes. It’s really fun and up to 12 people can play at a time which makes it highly inclusive.


Now, do you remember my outdoor shower from a week or so ago?


Yeah, that became the main source of entertainment for a ton of kids.

No beach, but plenty of outdoor shower!

Ya know, sometimes your weekend doesn’t go as planned.  The weather stinks and you really can’t do what you thought you would.  But ya know what?  Sometimes, if you’re lucky, it can wind up even more fun than you ever could have expected.

Who cares if when it rains, it pours!


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