Well actually, my daughter loves chili!

I am designing fabrics for my daughter’s bedroom that incorporate her favorite things.

This fabric print started with a little drawing my daughter did of her favorite stuffed animals, platypuses.


I just love this little drawing.  This platypus looks like a piece of modern art.  There are curvy lines juxtaposed with straight and jagged.  The use of color is balanced yet not traditional or boring. Not to mention how quirky it is.  How does that come intuitively out of a nine-year old, but not the 39-year-old.  Probably due to my over thinking of everything!

Here is the original tile:


My daughter would eat chili for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we allowed it.  For her birthday, for Christmas, probably even her wedding meal.  I thought she’d get a kick out of the platypuses eating chili and tortilla chips of course!

I still have to paint the other two fabric patterns I created, then I will let my daughter choose which patterns we will go ahead with.  From there I will attempt to load the images on to and get some custom fabrics printed.  Spoonflower can print any jpg. image onto a high quality fabric.

The opportunities for being creative these days are endless!

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