#250-Platabubble (1)

#250-Platabubble (2)

Awww, if I didn’t think platypuses were one of the ugliest creatures in the known universe, I might actually say these platypuses were cute!

Really quick, if you haven’t tuned in, I am designing fabric for my daughter whose favorite stuffed animals are platypuses.

Yep, not a lot of platypus fabrics on the market.

A couple of days ago, I sketched this print out and colored in a bunch of choices for my daughter to choose from:

plats1 plats5c #245- FOR THE LOVE OF PLATYPUS (12) #245- FOR THE LOVE OF PLATYPUS (11)plats2b

These were colored pencil sketches.  She caught the gist.  My daughter chose the second color scheme because the platypuses were colored tan and white like here stuffed animals in real life:

#246- CUSTOM FABRIC DESIGN (9)So today I water-colored the final sketch.  I loosely followed the pattern my daughter chose, but I also kept in mind yesterday’s fabric.  I wanted the two to loosely match. Here they are:


#250-Platabubble (1) #250-Platabubble (2)

Believe it or not, they have exactly the same colors in them, yet they look vastly different beside one another.

We are starting to pull a look together.  The aqua-teal color is her favorite. I also did a painting called “Plats love chili”, but I don’t like how it looks combined with the other two fabric designs.#248 PLATS LOVE CHILI (1)b  I may omit it.  My daughter and I are going to work on one more concept tomorrow , then she will make the final decision and I will attempt to load the designs onto and get custom fabrics printed for a new bed-spread & curtains for her room.  I’m pretty excited, but mostly because my daughter is very excited.  It totally makes it all worth while!

When this little project is done, I’d like to take a stab at designing a fabric for my living room.  How awesome would it be to create a pattern unique to me in the exact color palette I have in my head?….This Spoonflower could be a dangerous place…They can also print out gift wrap and wallpaper for you too… Can you imagine the holidays with your family photo on the gift wrap?

Better yet, platypuses in Santa hats?…Not much platypus gift wrap on the market either!

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