#251- YIN YANG -A-PUS (3)

This is it.  The final platypus fabric design for my little girl who simply adores platypuses!

#251- YIN YANG -A-PUS (5)

See this little platypus drawing above?  I have at least 50 of these drawings from my daughter.  She always draws them the same way.  To her credit, that is what her beat up stuffed-animal Plat looks like.  Well, I got to thinking…what if I took that shape and matched it with its complete opposite?  It would look like a yin-yang symbol.  That could be fun for a little girl’s bedroom décor…so I tried it.  The kid-platypus shape definitely lends itself to a yin-yang shape!

This is what it looks like pieced together:

#251- YIN YANG -A-PUS (1)

I took some of the patterns and shapes from the “Tropical Platypus” fabric in hopes of tying the two together.

Actually all three fabrics loosely match:

#249 TROPICAL PLATS (2) #250-Platabubble (2) #251- YIN YANG -A-PUS (1)

Next, I am going to flatten the paintings under a very heavy book for the next couple of days.  Then I will attempt to get a perfect photograph of each of the three prints.  Don’t look too closely, but they don’t match up perfectly.  It’s not the art, it’s the photography.  I need to set up my tri-pod.  It will take a bit of finagling on my part.

So that completes my fabric design attempts.  Now that the creative part is complete…you can wish me luck on the technical!

As I have mentioned for the last couple days, I will load them on and get some custom fabrics printed.  I am so excited to add such a personal touch to my daughter’s room.

Thanks for joining me!

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