#253 - Fully Armed (1)

I am making the perfect piece of artwork for this week! Check yesterday’s post for the concept.

The gist is, as usual, I feel like I’m trying to do a hundred things at once!

I started off the day of course preparing breakfast and lunches for the kids…racing to get them on the bus and then settled in to work on some “creative” volunteer work.

Last year I created an invitation for my kids school fundraiser. #253 - Fully Armed (8) It’s a fairly formal food tasting set in one of the most beautiful farms in our area.  They liked it enough to ask me to use it again for this year. To save on postage and change it up a little, I converted the image into a 5×7 card.  I also found 100% recycled envelopes made from brown paper bags.  The school has an environmental focus which I thought tied in nicely and the event is in the autumn which makes me think of brown leaves and harvest colors.  I created three different color invites:

#253 - Fully Armed (5) #253 - Fully Armed (6) #253 - Fully Armed (7)

I also made flyers in the three same colors to match.  Now they just have to pick a color and we’ll get rolling…


Next, I moved on to that giant piece of paper on my floor…

#253 - Fully Armed (3)

I am telling you my cat, like many cats, loves to sit on my papers, punch the keys on my keyboard, and jump on my bladder when I wake up every morning!  How do they know the exact ways to get our attention??? sneaky little devils!

Today I sketched all the parts of my drawing.

#252- DEVELOPING CONCEPT (1)#253 - Fully Armed (1)

which was a lot of arms!

I was able to fit almost everything from my sketch except for the vacuum.  No room.  I picked a feather duster instead.  It symbolizes cleaning right?  I’m so allergic to dust. Ugh.

Sketching all those arms took me 4 hours…

…I then took a break to sit on the phone for an hour with customer service… fixed the problem though…

#253 - Fully Armed (4)

Then I decided to block in the background of my painting.  I got a third of the way there, but then it was school pick up time…

I should have added an arm with keys in it, for my chauffeur business!

…got the kids…made snacks…started to prep dinner…ate…read bedtime stories…

which puts me at 9pm Blog-Time (aka. try to form a thought even though my brain is officially fried!).

Yep.  That sums it up.  I mention this because the rest of the week looks like it will be just as crazy.  My darling cousin Sabina is here from Germany and we plan on hitting a few more museums, maybe do some art, maybe make some jewelry, maybe go see the Newport Mansions…plus soccer practice…plus school volunteer meetings…plus dentist appointments…school, sleep, eat, clean, make art, entertain, sleep, cook, get on that mountain of laundry…sleep oh I’d like to sleep…maybe go for a hike on Friday, pack lunches, force dirty kids to shower, weed, exercise, empty dishwasher, fill out school forms, pay bills, sleep, sleep, slee………….

#253 - Fully Armed (2)

… I’m done. Goodnight!

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