#256 - Little Further

I have to say, whenever I get to the posting point for the past couple of days, It creates this brief moment of reflection.  My overwhelming thought is “this painting is so weird, why am I doing this?”  I haven’t been able to shirk this reaction.  What does that say when the artist herself isn’t quite sure what the heck is going on?

Plug ahead.  That’s what the artist needs to say…Plug ahead.

I can see that working on a flat table is not doing me any favors.  If this giant piece of paper were vertical, I could step back and fix the perspective issues, but as it is now, the only time I see this painting in its entirety is when I take the progress photo.

With that said, I see quite a few things that need fixing.  At this point in the painting though, I am simply trying to fill in all the negative and positive spaces with color so I can figure out the color placement. Because it is acrylic, technically, I can re-do or go over any area of the painting and change it to my liking.

It’s crazy to think I’m doing all this under-painting for the simple pleasure of stamping all over its surfaces as soon as I’m done.  Let’s hope this crazy idea of mine is worth doing.

Did anyone notice I’m posting mid-day?  That’s right.  It’s been a long time since I’ve posted mid-day!  The reason is, in about 5 minutes, I am going to take off to NYC again for one final art tourist adventure.

I shall not tell you where my cousin and I are going, but I hope we have a blast.

Tune in tomorrow to find out!


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