I know, I know.

The subject matter is so sweet you just want to poke your eyes out, but I swear it really was that sweet.  My mom truly had a red polka-dotted vase of farm stand zinnias sitting on her kitchen counter, irresistibly colorful, and just begging to be painted!

Today for the first time in a long time, I had a leisurely morning.  I woke to no alarm, no cat jumping on my belly, no kids asking for clean underwear, instead I woke to my mom.  We chatted, looked out at her lake and enjoyed the quiet.

Then I got to partake in one of my childhood rituals.  My mom and I sat and enjoyed a cup of coffee while watching CBS’s SUNDAY MORNING.  Before kids, everyone in the world knew what I was doing at 9am on Sunday morning.   Our whole family had been watching this program religiously since my grandfather started the ritual decades ago.  We enjoy the current events, arts, film, music and nature all wrapped up in a perfect package.  It is such a wonderful ritual, one I haven’t enjoyed in at least 8 years but miss very much.

It’s the little things.

Cousin Sabina soon woke up.  While we were all gathered in the kitchen, we decided to putz around and paint my mom’s flowers.  Minutes became hours.  We promised Sabina a trip to an “American” diner for pancakes, but it was pushing noon.  We scrambled, got our stuff together and headed out for a very late Sunday breakfast.

Sabina and I were supposed to leave at 2pm to return to Rhode Island, but last-minute, we threw caution to the wind and ventured out to one more museum for a creative artist playdate!

My mother had already seen the collage exhibit at the Katonah Museum of Art in New York.  She swore we had to see it because we were going to love it and she was right!

#258 - MAMAs KITCHEN a (2) #258 - MAMAs KITCHEN a (3)
I got so much inspiration and ideas, my mind is still whirring!
I have to say, I have been to quite a few art exhibits in the past few weeks, but the Katonah Museum was my favorite.  The creativity of all of these collage artists was simply bounding off the walls!
Full from another art tourist adventure, we hopped back in the car to return home.
I have to thank my cousin Sabina (and my mom too!). 
The amount of travel has been a little daunting, but she has forced me to get out and see some amazing stuff.  I need to step up my game and get out there into the realm of the patronage of the arts.  I sort of wrote off that kind of thing when I had kids, but it is time to return to it and maybe even begin to expose my kids to it as well.
God knows my mom dragged me as a kid!
 Now look where I wound up!

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