#259 - Making Headway (1)

I’m finally getting to the fun part!

That’s the stamp-making part of the painting I’ve been working on for over a week now.

#259 - Making Headway (3)

I use recycled objects like jewelry cases, cosmetics lids and wood remnants to create the stamp bases. Next, I cut craft foam into the desired shapes, glue them to the recycling and PRESTO! I have custom stamps ready to use on my artwork. My theory is to create a paint surface that is half traditional painting and half rudimentary print-making.

#259 - Making Headway (4) #259 - Making Headway (5) #259 - Making Headway (6)

So what I plan on doing with this giant 3ft x 4ft painting I am working on, is to stamp every surface with patterns.  Even the background.

#253 - Fully Armed (4) IMG_4846 #256 - Little Further#259 - Making Headway (2)

The face took me some time today, but the rest should move fairly steadily from here.  The sketching and under-painting were miserable, but the COLOR and pattern design is so much fun!   I don’t know what possessed me to try this, but now I’m finally starting to get excited about it.  I feel like I created a lot of movement in the head area today.  Just wait until I start on that dress!

I plan on creating my own paisleys, Ikats, chevrons & florals.  Each arm will have its own fabric print and of course wallpaper for the background!

I’m finally coming up with my own artist technique and it’s very uniquely-Me!

Ah, this is such a blast!


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