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It felt so good to get back into pottery class today!

I took the summer off because the kids were home from school.  Now  I’m back and it felt great!

I felt as if the time away strengthened all of my past tutelage.  Today I knew what supplies to grab, how much clay to measure, how to prep the clay for throwing, center the lump on the wheel, raise the walls and actually create a shape I intended on.  It’s a new day!  Woo hoo!

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I brought my muse in today.  It is my favorite mug my girlfriend found me at a thrift shop.  The markings tell us it is from Sri Lanka.  The reason I love this mug, well first is the wild color & pattern, but secondly is because it can hold a GIANT amount of coffee.  The silhouette bulges out at the bottom creating this giant reservoir for hot tasty beverages.  The mug is so large that the coffee stays warm.  It’s like a mini-pot!

- (2)b

My idea is to create Dia de la Muerte mugs which will hopefully be done in time for Halloween.  Even if they are not, I look forward to enjoying them. They should be big!

Do you know what was terrific about today?  I really felt like I had an ounce of control!  Everything made sense and when my instructor told me how to do something or why something happened the way it did, it made perfect sense.  That feels great.  This means I can spend this semester actually exploring and creating with intent.  Up until now, I was lucky if I wound up with an ashtray and I don’t even smoke!

Oh I have so many wonderful ideas for projects I’d like to try….  In fact, my Pinterest Pottery Page has runneth-over!



One more thing.

I found this little note from my pottery teacher and I have a confession to make.  Although I did create the bowl, its beauty is due to my mother.

260- FEELING DOTTY (1) - Copy

260 (1) 260 (2)

When she came to visit me, I took her to the pottery studio so I could glaze some things. My mother painstakingly hand painted each dot and dash on this bowl.  We then coated it with a layer of Layered Fern pottery glaze.

It’s a beauty mom.  It’s a beauty.

Um mom?

Who owns this one?  The bowl maker or the bowl painter?

Hee hee hee.  Of course mothers trump their kids! It’s yours :)

Have a great day everybody!

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