I received a last-minute request to help with an invite for my kid’s school.

Since I’m always tinkering with computer graphics, it’s definitely no problem!  I love playing with my Corel Draw program.

Farm house IMG_6810

Our school bought an old farm for its campus.  Most of the buildings are not to code and hence not useable.  It will cost tens of thousands of dollars to slowly be able to use the buildings.  First up, was the old farmhouse.  It was renovated this summer and will now house most of the administrative offices.  This then freed up the old school office for classroom space.

Long story short, the school would like to celebrate as well as thank the donors who helped make this project a reality.  Great accomplishment.

I was given the photos above and some ideas of what they would like.  The first photo is of the farmhouse decades ago when it actually was the house on a farm.  The second is what it looks like today.  Not much has changed on the exterior except for the tree growth!  The inside however was completely rehabbed.

The school wanted to feature the building on the invite.  My thoughts were that the snow just didn’t fit for an October invite.  However, I liked the look of the “olden days” photo.  Why not convert the current day farmhouse photo to sepia and give it that 1960’s rounded photo corner.

IMG_6810 IMG_6810d

Wow.  Now I really notice the sun popping out of that tree.  It gives you a better feeling of just how pretty this farmland is. I also photo-shopped out the orange telephone flags from the new phone installation.  Making headway…

The rest was choosing a suitable color to tie in with the sepia-toned photo, balancing the font styles and sizes, choosing font colors and tying it all together.


I think the final product gives you a feeling of an old building, yet looks new, crisp and sharp.

I look forward to celebrating the Compass School’s achievement and I’m glad I can find a small way to help..

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