DAY # 269 – Owen’s Room

#269 - Owen's Room (3)

Many a night I lay by my little boy’s side reading books, giggling, and laying still preparing for sleep.

I look around at all the strange colors that make up his room.  It was never my intent to put nacho cheese orange against brown, red, pink and emerald-green.  They were remnants from room’s past yet somehow, it all works.

#269 - Owen's Room (1)

Then there’s the purple shamrock or oxalis plant.  It’s such a funky plant.  It is eggplant purple with triangle-shaped leaves. As an artist, does it get better than that?   Yellow and purple are compliments on the color wheel.  No wonder I love how they vibrate against each other.  I planted it, but I can’t say I consciously thought of that.

So as I lay looking out at this very scene, rubbing my boy’s head watching him enter the realm of tranquility, I thought to myself, all of these colors and shapes have the potential for a lovely painting.  The lamp mimics the shape of the bowl creating a terrific negative space.  There are straight lines running parallel while the plant provides organic lines.  The pillows have a wonderful graphic punch and all of the browns give me a melancholy feel.

I kissed my boy on his forehead, turned out the light, and new what my next painting would be.

Owen’s room.

#269 - Owen's Room (2)

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