#271- The Lone Pear

#271- The Lone Pear (1)

The other day I was putzing around the kitchen, cleaning out my fruit bowl.  It’s that time of year, where all the amazing bounty from the garden, begins to rot!

Among the tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and zucchini there was a lone pear.  Gosh, I don’t even remember buying pears.  How old was this pear?  I stuck it in one of those ceramic fruit containers, the ones made to look like the disposable pints you get with fruit.  All of a sudden, the pear looked really pretty.

Of course I thought…painting op!

#271- The Lone Pear (3)

I also have this piece of fabric I just had to use.  The colors and patterns will be smashing!

#271- The Lone Pear (4) #271- The Lone Pear (5)

I took this morning to sketch out the still life and then I got going…

I got as far as the pear, which is a great place to leave off.  Tomorrow I can tackle the fabric.

#271- The Lone Pear (2)

I also took a little time to add more purple into the shamrock plant.  I’m not sure if you can notice, but I’m happy with it.  cross another painting off the list!

It’s 3pm.  I finished early, because my kids wanted to cook.  Daughter – “Mom, can we please make homemade stuffed peppers”….Mom – “sure”.  Son – “I’d like to make JELLO with gummy worms swimming in it….”  Mom- “yeah, sure…. we can do that!”

So off to cook and enjoy a meal with friends.

Have a great weekend everybody!


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