I tried so hard to finish this painting today but it wound up being a little too large and a little too detailed.

#271- The Lone Pear (1)

Yesterday I completed most of the pear, so today was fabric day.


I first tackled the background.  For me, it is the easiest way to begin to establish the light vs. shaded areas.


Next were the “white” rings within the fabric pattern.  I learned fairly quickly on, there is barely any true white in a painting.  EVERYTHING HAS A SHADOW.  So even these rings have lights and darks depending on where they fall within the shape of a fabric crease.


After 4 hours my family finally pulled me away from the painting.  I got that look like “You didn’t really think you were going to sit here and work on this painting all day did you?”  They are so patient with me.  I kind of did too and I would have, but my family is my reminder to find balance in life.  So I made my peace with the fact that this painting would have to live to see another day, I snapped out of my art coma, and went and enjoyed my family and the rest of the day.


My favorite part of today’s work was creating the light and shadows from the fruit container.  I get such a kick out of playing with light.  It’s all of those tiny details that make a subject matter come to life.

I look forward to completing this tomorrow!

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