Today I began to paint the dahlias I purchased at a local farm stand a little while back.

I finished the sketch on Monday, so today I was ready to roll.

This particular dahlia is quite large.  It measures 12 x 12 inches within my 18 x 20 inch painting.


This was a photo I had taken the day I picked up the dahlias.  I had previously completed paintings already sitting on my shelf.  I just marveled at the blues in the painting against the corals in the flowers and decided they all must stay together.  The coconut milk can is what the dahlias actually came in from the farm stand. Again the blues and greens against the oranges and yellows.  The can had to stay too.   I then added in the striped fabric for the “something zany” which made my floral study complete.


Just looking at my painting thus far gives me a burst of energy.  This dahlia looks like a fireball.  It was a lot of fun to paint.  I had to be very patient and slowly allow the yellow and red to bleed into each other, one by one, petal by petal.

Dahlias are truly stunning to behold.

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3 thoughts on “DAY # 275 – DAY OF THE DAHLIA

  1. This is going to be absolutely gorgeous. I try to paint once in a while but usually it ends up looking like 2nd grade finger painting or paint by number stuff… lol Doesn’t keep me from trying once in a while. I love the colors, so vivid. I can hardly wait to see the final product.

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