#276- Flora is Funna (1)

It’s not very often that I say I REALLY like a painting. I’m loving this painting thus far!

I have a confession to make.

When no one was looking, I went back to that pear painting#273 -JUST PEAR-FECT (1) and decided to darken the pear just a little.  Long story short, I ruined it.  The pear lost its translucency and organic flow.  Now it’s just blah.  It’s bothered me for two days now.  I shouldn’t have touched it.  The perfectionist OCD in me came out and I ruined a perfectly sweet painting…not to mention the time wasted :(

With that said, I gave myself a little smack across the face (A la Moonstruck with Cher) and forced myself to “SNAP OUT OF IT!”  Loosing a painting because of myself stinks, but what could I take from it?  How could I turn it into a strength instead of a loss?  The answer is, I have now learned the hard way, I need to walk away.  I need to let things be. TO JUST LEAVE THINGS ALONE!

Going into this dahlia painting, I am carrying the knowledge of this mistake.  Currently, with each tiny petal, I am giving myself one shot.  There will be no over glazing of other colors, no adding, no deleting.  One shot.

Today I had shadows to tackle on both vases.  I took a deep breath, filled the areas with paint, let them meld and mingle and I did not touch them again.

I think my work looks stronger already by sticking to my guns and not fussing.

 I guess overworking in art is a form of self-doubt.  You’re not trusting your gut to lay down your intentions the first time around.

#276- Flora is Funna (2)

Today, I listened to some beautiful classical music and quieted my mind.  I’m on Day #276 and still trying to master listening to myself.  My inner self.  So much jumble, so much angst, but when I quiet myself, focus and work from my heart, the desired outcome can make its way through.

Once in a while, I catch a glimpse and it’s just enough to keep me searching.

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