I tell ya, if I could sit in my own little bubble all day, every day, I’d be painting.

I really only first picked up a paintbrush beginning last September.  Before that I was what’s been called a “shadow” artist.  A shadow artist is one who gravitates towards the arts, they work with artists, for artists, in the art field, but they aren’t the actual artists.  I worked at my family’s art & framing business and I had a jewelry & home accessory line, but still I was afraid to pick up a paintbrush.  I knew the arts felt comfortable, I knew it was where I wanted to be, but something inside me held back.

The combination of having my hands tied for 7 years raising my kids, coupled with approaching the humble old age of 40 is apparently what it took.  Now with a life force of its own, I don’t want to waste another day not painting.  I feel like I have 39 years on this planet to make up for.  It’s so strange how literally I woke up one morning and felt this intensity, this mission. I needed to get going and get going right away.  My mom calls me a “late-bloomer”.

Knowing this, you have to know it’s killing me that some of these paintings are taking three days or even more.  The actual reason I ventured in to this challenge was to force myself to create more.  Trust me, I’d put in 15 hours a day if I could, no problem, but that’s just not where my life is.

For instance, today my kids had no school.  I woke up at 6am, logged in 3 1/2 hours of painting, left my house at 9:45, dropped the kids with a friend and then spent 2 1/2 hours shopping for my husbands grand opening for his new store.  I rushed from shopping, dropped the perishables and then raced to my kid’s school for child/teacher conferences.  By 2pm the kids and I got back,  had a late lunch and by 4pm my in-laws came to town for my husbands celebration weekend.  The boys of the family went to a boy-scout camp-out and us girls went out to dinner and a movie.

Ta-da it’s 10pm.  I’m lucky I can even form a thought!

This is my very-long-winded-way of telling you, I’m doing the best I can.


Now I did enjoy myself this morning, at the crack of dawn.  I swirled the paint into the background and painted in my acrylic paintings that were resting behind the flowers.  I’m still LOVING this painting. But it’s moving along at a snail’s pace… it’s emerging slowly… not with the intensity and fire I feel inside.

I just have to keep reminding myself, I’m getting it done.  I’ve put my money where my mouth is.  I make time for art and creativity every single day.  Some days more than others, but I show up every day.

That in itself is reassuring.  Even today, I only had three hours available, but that’s three hours more than last year or the 38 years before that.

I talk to myself.  I say “Just do your best Little Mary”.  That’s all that one could expect.

#275 - DAY OF THE DAHLIA #276- Flora is Funna (3) #276- Flora is Funna (1) #277-BEHIND THE SCENE


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  1. You inspire me to want to pick up a paintbrush more often. I’m afraid my stuff looks more like Mexican roadside art than anything refined. lol If I were to sit in my little bubble and not have life interrupt I would be in my pottery all day and night. It is a total escape for me when I am working with clay. But life interrupts doesn’t it.

    I am loving this painting. I love how you see things so well, I forget little things like shadows…. well, they aren’t little are they, but I tend to forget their importance.

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