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Say Hello to my feathered friends!

#282- TWEET (5)On Day #279 I created a collage with my family.   I decided to cut the sides off that piece. The nest-like collage was plenty busy and it didn’t need all the extra goings-on.

However, I didn’t throw the strips away.  They sat on my table for a day or two.  I kept on looking at all the pretty colors and textures of those strips and wondering what I could do with them.

At the same time, I had pulled all my polymer clay supplies out for Day #279 and hadn’t put those away either.

The third item left out was a cardboard egg carton.

As I looked at the mess I needed to clean up, the idea for little bird nests emerged.  I liked the idea of the skinny road-runner legs and thought it may be fun to put little birds in the tiny egg carton segments.  I also had left-over feathery string which I thought could cover up the base of the egg carton.

I used the fabric scrap strips as platforms for the birds I would make.

#282- TWEET (3) #282- TWEET (4)

These birds measure roughly 2×3 inches.  They are made with a polymer clay base and a mosaic application using seed beads and vintage rhinestones.  I love how the clay resembles tile grout. They are in essence, mini-mosaics.

They’re sweet as could be.  I put them on my window sill to greet me while I wash the dishes.

It’s a shame the sparkle doesn’t translate via photograph because these little birds glow with reflective light from the beads and rhinestones.

I have quite a few more pieces of egg carton.  I just might have to fill my window sill with birdies for the winter.

They could add some cheeriness to a dreary day!

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog through Pinterest. So glad I did! I adore these birds and nests! Can’t wait to explore your blog.

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