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How’s this for interesting subject matter?

Are you wondering why in the world there’s a Statue of Liberty head in the center of my still life?

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I found this little planter at the Salvation Army years ago. I can’t put my finger on whether it is patriotic or just plain weird!  I tend to go for weird.

We just recently went apple picking.  There are apples all over the place!

I’m not sure if it’s the phrase “American as apple pie” that made me think of the Statue of Liberty or the black and white theme I have going on, but either way, all of these items came together. Even the old Ford truck says “America” to me.

Hmm…my thoughts on America….

Isn’t it sad that I look back to the last century with nostalgia and look at the present with embarrassment.  To think  agriculture, farms, and things like trucks were once American.  Now Corporations hire scientists to make food addictive, farms are forced to compete for quantity not quality.  “Made in America” is a nifty slogan designed in the 80’s to wake people up to their industries leaving the country.  As if that was decided in a voting booth.

Allowing our government to close in order to “stick it” to the president.  What do I say about that?  I think the world would say that this is so UN-AMERICAN!

How do I tell my children to work hard and get along when the leaders of their own nation can’t seem to do so?  Leaders who think nothing of depriving its constituents of their paychecks?  Last I checked, leadership derived from the word “to lead”.  How about leading by example?   How about leading with integrity?  Where?  Where are the leaders who are so strong and so honest they force everyday people to want to work harder, to strive to be the best one could be?  Do I blame my mother for filling my head with such unrealistic ideals or has our country finally sold it’s soul to the almighty dollar?

Never in my life have I felt as bad about our country as I do right now. Corruption in campaign finance, lobbyists, politicians found guilty of a multitude of degrading behaviors, the lack of compromise. I was brought up believing our country was the best, fair and just.  How come no one has been arrested on Wall Street for robbing the American people? How come our constitution has no laws to prevent gridlock?  Did our forefathers never imagine our political system could be manipulated at this level?

I think that’s the difference between childhood and adulthood.  I shelter my children from most of the world’s dirty laundry.  It is easier this way to make right and wrong seem black and white.  For simple values to make any sense.  I can’t seem to tell them the rich, the political and the famous all live as an exception to the golden rule. When did politicians stop being role models?

It is amazing how a little red apple could conjure up so much emotion.

When I think of red apples, I think of America and I’m still not sure if that is for patriotism or angst.

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