Painting complete!

I finally decided on a name for this painting, Lady Liberty.

The still life began with apples as it’s focus, but I think my Statue of Liberty planter stole the show.  At least for me, it’s the constant thing my eye is drawn to.

It was nice to turn off the radio today and get away from national politics.  Away from the stories of people without paychecks, economists predicting a collapse of world markets if we don’t raise the debt ceiling, Syria, Egypt, Iran, the list of doom and gloom goes on…

#285 -LADY LIBERTY (2)

Instead, I spent the day outdoors.  Taking in the last of the sun’s warm glow, our local farms, the beach, the fish markets.  I saw a lot of my local environ today.  My family participated in a town-wide scavenger hunt which was a benefit for Easter Seals.  It was a terrific event.  It sent us on a wild-goose chase taking photos in front of monuments, doing push-ups on docks, visiting local businesses, even saluting our American Flag.

It gave me a moment of pause, a check in, a reminder that even if there is a lot of drama in our capitol or the world at large for that matter, my small little town is doing OK.  Parents are playing with their kids, businesses are giving back to their community and together we raised a good amount of money for a very good cause. A local cause.

The Little People of this country keep on keeping on.  We do our best, we come together, we create common goals, we accomplish them and we even have a terrific time doing it.

If through art, my focus was upon our nation this week, the lesson I take with me is this.  What makes our country great is not our form of government.  It’s not our financial market, nor our impact on the world.  What has always made this country great is the communities.  Rich, poor, legal, illegal, Democratic or Republican.  We are all humans.  We love the people in our lives, we try to help our neighbors, we try to make our little patches of our country the best we can.  That has always happened on a local level.  Mayors and governors are more in tune than the men on The Hill.

Perhaps my focus for this upcoming week will be more on my community and less on the nation.

Congress could learn a lot from us Little People.

#283- Shades of Grey  (2) #283- Shades of Grey  (3) #283- Shades of Grey  (1) IMG_5482 IMG_5487 #285 - LADY LIBERTY

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