DAY #287- Zentangle of OZ

#287 - Zentangle of OZ (8)

Today was one of those “Kid Days” as I like to call them.

There was no school due to the Columbus holiday therefore, I wanted to find something fun and something to do outdoors with my children.  I found a very special day trip!

If you refer back to Day #216 Sand Castles and Fairy Houses, you will be reminded of my children’s great love of fairy house building.


Well, my mother tipped me off about a local fairy house festival.

It is going on now at THE FLORENCE GRISWOLD MUSEUM in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

There is a very special theme for this creative endeavor, the museum titled it

“Wee Faerie Village in the Land of Oz”

This fairy village is a creative feast for the eyes.

#287 - Zentangle of OZ (2) #287 - Zentangle of OZ (3) #287 - Zentangle of OZ (4) #287 - Zentangle of OZ (5) #287 - Zentangle of OZ (6)

There are 24 featured houses each describing a famous scene from the original novel “The Wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum.  Entrance to the museum comes with a wonderful map describing the scenes and asking that you find certain items hidden within the displays.

There was so much attention to detail.  The kids got lost in every scene.  Many of the fairy gardens were created from recycling and what looked to be thrift store finds.  As great fans of fairy house building, the kids and I studied all the different ways they built buildings, stairs, ladders and gardens.

#287 - Zentangle of OZ (1)

It was a fantastical outing!

I had to promise my daughter we would make a fairy house after school tomorrow because it was getting dark by the time we got home.

She settled on what she calls “colorful zen-tangles” which is using the term very loosely!  So many ideas were spinning around in our heads, it was fun to sit down with my daughter and doodle some of the ideas we saw within the day.  We worked on a large 18×24″ piece of paper.  We still have so much more to add, but as I saw her head drooping as she was coloring, I knew it was time for bed.

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