Day #288 – BOWLED OVER

#288- Bowled over (1)

Hmm. Bowled Over.  Have I already used this horrible pun?  Man, the bad puns are all beginning to blend together at this point…

So as usual, Tuesday is pottery day!

I began by finishing up the under glazing on my notch-cut bowls.

#288- Bowled over (7) #288- Bowled over (6) #288- Bowled over (5) #281 - BOO! (3) #281 - BOO! (2)

There will be five bowls for a set of four.  Rhea my pottery instructor at Plum Pottery East recommended I make an extra just in case the bowls didn’t make it through the drying process.  They’ve made it through thus far, so looks like I’ll have an extra bowl!

My idea with painting them the bold colors took inspiration from Hungarian embroidery, but who am I kidding, everything I make winds up brightly colored even when I try to show restraint!

#288- Bowled over (4) #288- Bowled over (3)

Last week I threw nine little bowls on the pottery wheel.

#288- Bowled over (2)

My idea for this project was to create jewelry trays.  Today I textured some flat slabs of clay to create the trays.  The studio has all sorts of plastic bowls and trays to use as templates.  These squares seemed perfectly manageable.  I then scratched, added slip and connected the little bowls to the slabs. I hope to be able to tame my jumble of junk jewelry which is always lying around on my dresser!

I have some fun pieces coming out this pottery session.  It took me a while to figure out what I needed.  Now that I know what I want, I can make quirky everyday items to suit my over-the-top style. Thank goodness.  It’s pretty hard to find obnoxiously colored household items in my everyday shopping environment!

Pottery Day is like my favorite day of the week.  It’s always like Christmas!

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