From the shadows emerges…

…a half-finished painting!

Today was spent painting in the shadows on my 25″ x 35″ still life featuring my day of the dead mug.  I might as well call it a self-portrait of sorts.  I’m known around town for wearing brightly colored trappings.  My rhinestone glasses and multi-colored glass bead necklace are just the beginning.  The pottery studio, where I receive instruction, is filled with cappuccino & earthy colored glazes…and then there’s Mary’s work.  It could probably be confused with Pee-Wee Herman’s!  I’m also infatuated with black and white patterns which you’ll find in bowls, pitchers and fabrics throughout my work.

Yep, this painting features a few of my favorite things.


As usual, Willow likes it.

My daughter thinks it’s the funniest thing.  Every morning we find the cat sitting on my most current work.

Silly cat!

#290 - the making of a still life (3) #291- FROM THE SHADOWS (1)

Tomorrow comes the color…so enjoy the peace and tranquility while you can!

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