Do you have someone in your life who’s completely honest? No holds barred?

You know, that person who is going to tell you that you have spinach in your teeth, that you may not want to sing outside the shower, or possibly that you may not want to quit your day job just yet….

For me, that’s my husband.  He is the one that shows me what I may not actually want to see.  As much as it stinks not to be perfect, I thank him for it. In a world full of politeness, it is great to get the occasional reality check.

But really, how dare he!

#289- Day of the Dead mug (2)

To criticize my last batch of mugs…how could he…I worked so hard!!!

Yep.  He told me they are still too small. Especially the mug all the way to the far right.  The opening is too small.  One can hardly stick their beak in there.


He’s right darn it.  I haven’t created the perfect mug and I hate to hear it! Especially from him!


So today, I went back to the drawing board or should I say pottery wheel, in search of the ultimate mug.


I made 8 attempts.  6 vessels are potentially good.  One completely collapsed into a fairly awesome bud vase and there is one with an opening that may be too small after it shrinks (hey I always need more vases!).

I accidentally smacked into one of the vessels leaving a dent.  I quickly turned it into an eye indentation.  Another eye-socket  and an indent for the mouth and one would never know it wasn’t done on purpose :)


That pain in the butt husband of mine always speaks the truth and I’ll tell you what, because he not only tells me what I want to hear but that which I do not, as well, I believe him.

Because of him, I work harder. I try harder.  I stubbornly try to prove him wrong.

He keeps me on my toes. He pushes me further.

I hope everyone has a great friend like that.  They are the best kind.

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  1. That 15% (or whatever it is for the clay you use) shrinkage can be a real pain. You think you have the perfect mug and then after the drying and firing it’s too small. As a result I have plenty of lovely pencil holders or cups for tea parties with my granddaughters. :)

  2. I keep giving away all my “demitasse” mugs…my husband is like “Hey, there isn’t any mugs in the cabinet…” LOL There may never be mugs in the cabinet if I keep going at this rate!

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