Greetings from the road!

I knew I’d be away this weekend so I needed to find something creative to do on my car ride.


I’ve owned this necklace for years.  It’s my favorite. I love it!

I always wanted to try making a wire floral necklace. Today seemed as good as any!


First I had to choose the right beads for the project from the hundreds I’ve accumulated in my basement.

I was looking for discs, ovals and tear drop beads.  I figured out all my possibilities and then reduced my selection to a few.  Next, I poly bagged them so I could work on one small flower at a time while in the car.

IMG_6688 IMG_6690 IMG_6692

This is as far as I got.  It took longer than I thought.  Each bead gets its own wire.  This meant I probably twisted over a hundred wires!

Tomorrow I still have a few more flowers to make and then I have to figure out how to wire them all together.  I don’t have a book or tutorial or anything, I’m just making it up as I go along.

Hopefully it works out.  I itch for new things as the seasons change.  You know, as the weather changes, your clothing changes.  Everybody likes a little something new. Luckily I don’t have to look any further than my basement!

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