304- Crystal Clear (7)

Before I go into my art for the day, I just wanted to say Happy Halloween!

304- Crystal Clear (4) 304- Crystal Clear (3)

You know us proud parents, we just can’t help but share pictures of the kids!

We had a wet, warm and windy Halloween here in Rhode Island.  I think it may have even been in the 60’s.  It was a perfect night for trick-or-treating.

Let’s just say their buckets runneth over and I lay claim to the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!


304- Crystal Clear (5)

Today’s piece of jewelry focuses on a few things.  I have some tiny seed beads and I have Chinese Laser cut crystal beads.  If you’ve ever seen these crystal beads, they sparkle like nobody’s business!  The two are paired up and fastened to jewelry straight pins.  This means you take a straight pin and pliers and bend the pin to create an eye.  Let’s say for this project, roughly 60 times.

304- Crystal Clear (1)

Next each bead combo is attached to a silver chain.

304- Crystal Clear (6)

I also added clasps.

304- Crystal Clear (2)

and now I have one super sparkly necklace.

Have you noticed a theme this week?  Maybe that I create rainbow jewelry?  That I add every color under the sun to my jewelry pieces?  Guilty.  I do.  I love every color under the sun!

You may wonder, well what in the world would you wear them with?  surprisingly, everything!  Of course black clothing helps showcase my wares, but I also like to wear a lot of olive, red and emerald-green.  Sometimes my outfits contain every color under the sun and on those days super-charged highly-colored jewelry is perfect too!

I’ll leave you with what my sister constantly says to me “Mary, if I wore what you wore people would think there was something seriously wrong with me, however on you, it’s perfectly normal.”

Yeah, I take that as a compliment!

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