#305- STRANDS  (3)

At the bottom of one of my jewelry totes, I found a note to myself:

#305- STRANDS  (5 (2)

It had all the ideas that I’ve been trying to keep straight in my head.  Too bad I didn’t find it in the beginning of the week.  I feel like a squirrel who hides acorns for the winter, only to find them the following spring!

So this was an idea I wanted to get around to.  I wanted to create an accent jewel that was off-centered to the left and a bunch of strands of glass beads running through it.

#305- STRANDS  (5)

The accent jewel is created using polymer clay, glass seed beads and Austrian crystals.  I created a black backside that was open and could allow five strands of beads to pass through it.

I never made something like this before. It would take one or two more times to get it just right, but this necklace is good enough for me!

#305- STRANDS  (2)#305- STRANDS  (4) #305- STRANDS  (1)

It is so crazy, so funky.  It’s perfect.

By the end of this week I will have plenty of cool pieces to get me through the winter.

Now where did I leave those acorns…

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