What parent lets their seven-year-old son make Friday the 13th pants?

Um, I guess that’s me.

He’s never seen the movie, but it’s the scariest idea he could come up with.  Scary equals cool in little boy land. So sure, why not.


Really, it started off as a normal day.  Kids find mom’s left-over boxes and play with them for hours… You know, every kid’s fantasy.  These large boxes also came with giant pieces of wood in them.  I asked the kids what they wanted to do with the wood and my little boy said “SPRAY PAINT!”

I had the idea to have the kids spray paint objects and see their shapes.  We went on a little scavenger hunt, rounded up a bunch of leaves and twigs and raided the recycling bin.

#306c #306d

Of course the girls loved this idea, but my son didn’t think it was “cool” or “tough” enough.


I didn’t want to lose him, so I helped him come up with his crazy idea.  What he doesn’t know is that he learned the same principles, just in a different way!  I got to teach him about thinking about the different layers of color he wanted in his art as well as creating texture.

He didn’t believe me, but after he pulled the tape off his jeans, he was so excited!  We then added the hockey masks.  I made him a template out of cardboard. And then the super fun part.. splatter paint!  You can’t have any true horror image without a little blood-spatter.  So I got to show him how to splatter paint.


All said, my driveway was a flurry of activity this afternoon.

  I just never know what direction my day will take me!


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